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It’s 2017 and it will hardly have escaped anyone’s attention that you are what you eat. Social media and the supermarkets are filled with advice, smart recipes and clever heckling how your great new body shape is lurking around the corner.

Despite this, we become (on average) heavier and heavier. Getting sicker and sicker. Are people completely clueless? No, hardly. We are equally smart now as 70 000 years ago, in fact we are the same design throughout. However the design is not the individual that we imagine today that we are. The phrase “I think, therefore I am” by R√©ne Descartes is said to be the start of the individualism which today is quite prevalent in the Western world. It was introduced in the 17th century and is quite misleading. We are nothing outside the community we are part of.

If we saw ourselves as a cog among all the other teeth on the gear named ‚Äúfamily and friends‚ÄĚ we would understand human behavior so much easier. When we eat, we are a part of our community – if we eat the same things, that is.

It is often said that overweight is more common among those with less education. And then various public authorities comes to the conclusion that those who have less education simply do not understand that they will become obese by their daily diet of 300 grams chips and 3 liters of Coke. I promise, everyone gets that. But it has become a part of their identity. In other words, It is almost impossible to sit down in a sofa amongst a group of couch potatoes with a plain cup of tea.

As individuals, we are quite useless. In the group, the primate Sapiens is unbeatable. So remember to select your target carefully before you design the message.

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