This is not a pro/con entry for the Swedish royal family. It’s not about wether we should have royalties or not. This is (again) about brands and this time it’s about the brand Sweden. The wedding this weekend gives Sweden as a brand an exposure very few corporations of the world could pay for.

In Germany they will show they will broadcast the wedding live in national TV. For 8 hours. In Austria they settle for 4. Recently I sent a package of wedding souvenirs the a dear friend in France  - the first country in the world that got rid of royalties. And so it continues..

When this wedding craziness is over and the last of the over 1500 reporters has left Stockholm on the royal newly weds it would be interesting to see how much media Sweden actually got. And the value of it.

UPDATE (rather late one though): A very careful estimate done by Swedish Mediapilot ends up on a media space worth of 2.5 billions crowns (little less than 250 ooo ooo €). However, TV was not included in that estimate! So the value has to be much more. What would be the cost of 8 hours of nationwide advertising in Germany? Whatever you might think of the royal family…to me it looks like a rather good investment for the brand Sweden.

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One response to “The royal wedding gives Sweden’s brand amazing media space”

  1. neon says:

    Man får ju hoppas att en sådan undersökning inte görs av de siffer-dyslektiker som gjorde beräkningarna innan bröllopet. Pga av att de är knähundar till kungahuset är det inte många siffror som stämmer med verkligheten.

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