One of my lessons learned is this, be consistent.

Sounds easy but so much harder when it comes to reality. Consistency in design can make a small manufacturer, a minor brand, to become huge. It is based on the simple fact that if people are not aware of your brand, they can’t choose it. And they won’t make the effort to find out if the product or the offer they have in front of them is from you or somebody else.

Once again they. The ones that actually owns your  brand, while you own the trademark.

For example, for millions of years ago HBO launched “Sex and the City” where the main character Carrie was working from home on her laptop with an apple shining into the camera. As you passed by a coffee shop you saw someone you didn’t know having the same looking laptop (but it wasn’t…this one was cheaper). Then ¬†the third time you saw it, it could have been in a film. Between these moments probably 100 000 other laptops passed in front of your eyes. Grey plastic boxes. The ones with an apple on it was recognizable. And looking good.

We know how this story continues. Not only because of consistency in design but also because of consistency in customer satisfaction Apple has become The Brand. When the iPad was launched a few days ago, everyone could see it was an Apple product. Even though none looked on the back of it, where the logo is placed. The total design was enough.

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