Brands are usually something that I, amongst others, discuss with a very serious look on my face. However the ones out there, the ones that owns all these brands (a.k.a. the customers), just want to have fun sometimes. And the less important decision we are up against, the more we want to laugh.

Beer is not a crucial decision in life.Regular beer brands tastes almost the same . That is why I find this classic TV Commercial for Bud Light as an excellent example. You might think is just bad taste. Well maybe it is. But it’s brave and it makes me laugh…and that I will do once again at the super market when I see the Bud Light logo on a six pack.

Brave and fun. That is probably a couple of the Bud Light’s brand values. And a laugh will help me make that decision. Mission completed.

Before thinking of how a brand can be built, leveraged, positioned and protected it is important to understand we we have brands. Isn’t it? Well, it is not because people like me needs to have something to do during the days. It starts with the way we, as human beings, function. ¬†Something makes us actually emotionally believe that everything around us is alive.

Oh, no. Not me, you might think.

Well think of the last time your mobile phone, computer or car didn’t function the way you wanted it to. And you were in a stressful situation. I am sure you actually talked (shouted) to it, didn’t you? How wise is that? Well we are not wise when we are stressed that’s for sure. But we are emotional….and by that truly ourselves. Actually we can get attached to almost anything. A doll, a stone in the garden, a christmas tree or a little thing you got for free with the chocolate bar. As you try to throw it away, you notice it isn’t that easy. You get attached to the darned thing.

Here is where brands start. We build attachments to things, animals, places and persons etc. And to deal with them in a effective way, we tag them with emotions and rational aspects. It makes a difficult decision easier. Here’s an example:

Picture yourself planning a dinner for some of your friends. To get the right mix of people, you actually think of them as brands. “Brian is funny, always great. Simone is even funnier and she’s a stunner”…but you never know if Simone shows up or not. This time you really need a fun guy at the table so you ask Brian to join. Both Brian and Simone has brands, ¬†and in this case you choose to go for a brand you can trust in two aspects.

See it? Can you also see how you think the exact same way at the grocery store. Grey Poupon is a true original French mustard, it costs a bit more than the other ones. But you know it will taste great. So you buy it.

We have brands because it makes a difficult decision easier. Quicker. It is a relation to a thing instead of a person. So think of a brand as a person. Because that is actually the way you look at it. And that is also the way they look upon your brand.

And a brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is.

Once upon a time, in order to be succesful, you needed a good lawyer, accountant and a shoemaker. Today, where would you be without a web guy. Someone who actually can deliver you visions. I got one. Won’t tell you who.