“The media world is in shock” it says, as Apple declares that ad-blockers will be integrated in the Safari web-browser on the iOS 9.

Well, what could be more natural? Media, media agencies and ad agencies have all been putting their creativity on how to take over my screen. A strategy used by porn sites in the 90′s.  If they instead knew how to engage the user a ad-blocker wouldn’t have been necessary. Now it is. It really is.

Even as an advitiser I don’t like ads that takes over my screen. I chase that “X” that closes the window – and I tell you…I don’t see the logo of that ad while doing that. I don’t get the message. I just get pissed off. Certainly ads like that should be blocked.

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The new one has arrived. Not the new mobile phone from some manufacturer. I am of course talking about the new iPhone. From Apple. It is not a phone, it has become a concept of its own. All the others are followers. Perhaps not always in technology. But in myth, sales and revenue the iPhone is in a league of its own.

Just as Apple. 34 years after the start they close the first quarterly report of 2010 with a revenue of $15.6 Billions! Their share value surpasses Microsoft. The company that so many were laughing at for only 10 years ago is now setting the world standard not only in the computer and mobile industry. But also in brand management, identity consistency and shareholder profit. At the same time.

It has not been sales vs the brand. It has been using the brand fans they had a decade ago and building from that. Not only has Steve Jobs and his crew set several standards within technology, communication and design (just think about all these reflection you have on images today). Apple has shown the other worldwide corporation that the brand is the strongest sales resource.

Is it now time for Apple to also change the way the sales focused and worldwide corporations like look on brand and brand management? Will they finally see that nothing brings profit like a strong brand? And what it takes to get there.

Yesterday Nokia and Intel released their new operative system for smartphones. They have realized, after three years of iPhone invasion, that’s where the future profit resides. But this is not my point, my point is the name of their new holy graal.


Similar to something perhaps? iPhone, iMac, iTunes, iPad, iPhoto,i…osv

A crucial part in building your brand is integrity – to stand your ground. Instead Nokia and Intel did the opposite and are now saying

- It’s like Apple, but from Nokia. Look here people, we are in the same league now!

But that only point them out as #2 – the follower. Studies and surveys are good, but hey…sometimes you need to show some initiative and integrity. I know I preach that a brand is what they say it is. But they only react on your actions, so be careful with what you send out in the first place.

For example never copy your competitors.

Don’t become a “mädchen fĂĽr alles” – a maid for everyone. If you want a strong brand you need a brand strategy. And strategy is not even about priorities, it’s about sacrifices. Once you have defined they, the ones that will choose your brand, you must forget about the rest of the population. Not only in communication, the same goes for R&D, products and services. It is so tempting to get them all. But you will trip and fall.

If done right, it can be like the revolution of the iPhone. Apple know their target group, They treat them as fans. They didn’t care about making a “value” phone or participate in the megapixel war. They created a phone that was a tool for living, business, leisure and fun. One phone and one operative system. Just as their other products. They delivered on their brand promise to their target group and earned the global profit. At the same time Nokia is struggling with hundreds of models and at least four different operative systems that never will meet on the same platform.

Having that said I can’t help to wonder what will happen to Toyota? A car manufacturer that became the largest in the world because of the reliability of their cars. That was their brand promise and that outcompeted GM. But in order to  keep that brand promise you need to have resources enough to develop brakes that works for al those models. They didn’t succeed in that. Did they stretch themselves too thin in order to reach world domination? If that is the case, they won’t be the first to trip on that doorstep.