IKEA Singapore couldn’t stop them selves in mocking with Apple and their new stylus. As an advertiser I agree…it’s hilarious. But an a brand strategist I cry.

Yes you get halfway, both Attention and Interest in AIDA. But who actually gets the Desire and the Action? Well, the one your’e talking about of course. The more you mock them, the happier they get. Apple is the strongest brand in the world. When they release a few updates and a couple of new items the world is listening. When IKEA reveals a new sofa, who cares?

The lesson learned here is simple. If you by any way compare yourself with another the one(s) who listening will getscurious and want to find out about that other you’re talking about. The other one gets the interest. And the action will be directed in that direction.

This is basic. Surely someone at IKEA knows this. Why pay for supporting another brand than your own?

“The media world is in shock” it says, as Apple declares that ad-blockers will be integrated in the Safari web-browser on the iOS 9.

Well, what could be more natural? Media, media agencies and ad agencies have all been putting their creativity on how to take over my screen. A strategy used by porn sites in the 90′s.  If they instead knew how to engage the user a ad-blocker wouldn’t have been necessary. Now it is. It really is.

Even as an advitiser I don’t like ads that takes over my screen. I chase that “X” that closes the window – and I tell you…I don’t see the logo of that ad while doing that. I don’t get the message. I just get pissed off. Certainly ads like that should be blocked.

For ten years ago I would have been laughed at if I had written this. Time changes. Today nobody laughs at Apple.  I think their websites are an excellent evidence how confidence looks like – as well as the absence of the very same.

You would argue and say…”well it’s just like Apple…” and maybe it is. But it’s also the confidence of doing just enough. No boosting or bragging. It’s sophisticated, approachable and very easy to find your way.

Now take a look at Microsoft. Loads of stuff screaming out “HEY LOOK ALL THE THINGS WE GOT FOR YOU!” It’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s “it” isn’t there. Just as with the brand.

If we go beyond products and services we reach the brand promise. What do I actually get when I buy the one or the other. The sad thing is that nothing of Microsoft’s enormous sales and volume is visible at a glance on their site. While Apple’s  just oozes success.

So what’s the difference? Well I would say it’s Apple’s use of white. Knowing that you don’t have to sell on every pixel (or second, square mm…) is something only the winner can do.

And people always joins the winner.

Barry Altman is on about  to relaunch the Commodore brand on computer market. For the ones reading this and not being close to retirement, the Commodore 64 sold in over 17 million units between 1984-1993, which actually makes it the most popular computer ever.

Mr Altman is convinced that there is  a slot open for another computer brand in the world. Is it really? The huge success back in the days was probably due to aggressive pricing and the fact you could by it almost everywhere.

Today the scene is different The market has been divided in to value brands like Dell, mainstream brands like HP and premiums like the Sony Vaio. And of course the aspirational Apple. All of them available almost everywhere.

Will nostalgia be able to bring sales to the Commodore brand, or is it as doomed as an old rock band re-union? An interesting headline and then disappointment? Or will it actually work? And what position will the brand claim?

I think sometimes, you should just let sleeping dogs lie.

The new one has arrived. Not the new mobile phone from some manufacturer. I am of course talking about the new iPhone. From Apple. It is not a phone, it has become a concept of its own. All the others are followers. Perhaps not always in technology. But in myth, sales and revenue the iPhone is in a league of its own.

Just as Apple. 34 years after the start they close the first quarterly report of 2010 with a revenue of $15.6 Billions! Their share value surpasses Microsoft. The company that so many were laughing at for only 10 years ago is now setting the world standard not only in the computer and mobile industry. But also in brand management, identity consistency and shareholder profit. At the same time.

It has not been sales vs the brand. It has been using the brand fans they had a decade ago and building from that. Not only has Steve Jobs and his crew set several standards within technology, communication and design (just think about all these reflection you have on images today). Apple has shown the other worldwide corporation that the brand is the strongest sales resource.

Is it now time for Apple to also change the way the sales focused and worldwide corporations like look on brand and brand management? Will they finally see that nothing brings profit like a strong brand? And what it takes to get there.

Yesterday Nokia and Intel released their new operative system for smartphones. They have realized, after three years of iPhone invasion, that’s where the future profit resides. But this is not my point, my point is the name of their new holy graal.


Similar to something perhaps? iPhone, iMac, iTunes, iPad, iPhoto,i…osv

A crucial part in building your brand is integrity – to stand your ground. Instead Nokia and Intel did the opposite and are now saying

- It’s like Apple, but from Nokia. Look here people, we are in the same league now!

But that only point them out as #2 – the follower. Studies and surveys are good, but hey…sometimes you need to show some initiative and integrity. I know I preach that a brand is what they say it is. But they only react on your actions, so be careful with what you send out in the first place.

For example never copy your competitors.