From over twenty years of brand building communication I have a rather wide experience which can be usable in many ways. I work alone, together with your existing agency or using my network of world class specialists.

Brand Development

Let’s set one thing straight, brands are not an invention by executive boards or consultants in black suits like me. A brand is not what we say it is, it is what they say it is. And by they I mean anybody out there. It is a way for us all to emotionally relate to all products and services we are being offered. It make complex decisions easier. But it also the very same way we relate to people and places. It should be your most important business asset, but you don’t own it. They do. So how can you manage what they feel and thing about your brand? And how can you profit from that potential? That’s where I can help.

I build Brand Platforms (with Brand Promise, Brand Essence, Brand Personality etc) and conduct Brand Workshop as well as Brand Trainings. I create Brand Portfolios and Brand Identities (with messaging, tone-of-voice, image guidelines, facilities, music etc). To get it through the company culture I work with Internal Branding (Brand Advocates, Internal Brand Communities etc).

References: Caterpillar, Save the Children’s Fund Sweden, NRJ International, Milko (Sweden), etc.


What once could be captured in the word “advertising” has become something much more complex. New channels frequently gives us new media and with numerous possibilities. We have target groups that connect with all these new media at the same time other groups reject this development. However, the recipe for successful commercial communication is still the same. But perhaps the foundations has become even more important. Today it has to be conceptual in order to reach out in all channels, but at the same time it has to be relevant, honest, stimulating and surprising in order to break through the clutter. Otherwise it’s just a waste of resources.

Within communication I offer project management, strategy, web strategy, web structure, copywriting, scriptwriting, film direction and music (composition and production)

References: Save the Chrildren’s Fund (Sweden and other countries), Peugeot Automobiles (Sweden and international), NRJ International, The Swedish Tenants Association, Milko, etc.


Brands and communication are topics that engages many. I have been an appreciated key speaker at several conferences. I do them in both Swedish and English.

References: The International Internal Branding and Employee Engagement Conference in Barcelona 2006 & 2007, Business Week’s Brand Summit in London 2008, EGTA 35th gathering in Zurich 2009 and Dalarna Business Award 2009.