Now as Spyker has finally taken over SAAB, the hope has returned to many in Trollhättan. At least for a while. To run a car company today is a risky business, to say the least. It has been interesting to see how much the SAAB case has engaged people in many countries. Obviously the SAAB brand is of great interest. Much more than the products, they are in fact today an Opel with a few clever solutions and a slightly tweaked design.

Everyone that has been interested in bidding for SAAB, including Spyker’s Victor Muller and F1′s Bernie Ecclestone has mention the brand as the main reason for buying a car manufacturer literally never has been profitable. Of course, the new 9-5 model is also a reason, as well the reason for GM to raise the price.

The question now is if anyone can turn the potential in the SAAB brand to a profitable business. Steve Jobs succeeded in turning a almost bankrupt Apple to a huge success in delivering the brand promise in many ways. Who will be the Steve Jobs for SAAB?

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