Client: National Federation of Tenant’s Associations
Year: 2000 – 2003
Brand: Hyresgästföreningen
Campaign: Branding/recruiting
Agency: Spirit

Target groups

Ambitious people living in rented accommodation.


About half of the tenants in Sweden are members of the Tenants Association, who persue claims in the courts on their behalf. However they were not so popular among the younger tenants, especially the ambitious ones. This important target group saw the Tenants Association as old fashioned at communist. This made it difficult to recruit new members.

The ambitious are those tenants who have been the longest and often move to towns and rent flats longer than for example the traditional who often stay put in smaller placers and move earlier into their own houses. This was new to the client.


Re-position the brand name. Establish a positive relationship with the young go-ahead tenants, in order to make it easier to sign them up.


I used the Tenants Association most visible but also most hated symbol – the recruiter. They are in fact full time door-to-door salesmen. By making fun of this character I wanted to create a distance from him, which a large organisation needs to do sometimes. The films are also purposely grainy to make them appear inexpensive. The anti-hero in the films is a good way to make fun of the pathetic picture the target group has of the client’s brand. In this way we were successful in making them see the brand in a much better light.


In the Swedish Institute of Public Opinion research’s yearly barometer the Tenants Association positive recognition has risen from 68% to 82% during the years the films has been shown.


Brand Strategy (together with Project Leader Jan Ferlin), Creative Director, Scripts and Music Production.


TV, supported by the daily press and outside advertising.

The Recruiter


The Firecracker


The Socker Punch (part 1)


The Socker Punch (part 2)