Client: Save the Children, Sweden
Year: 2004 – 2007
Brand: Save the Children
Campaign: Brand building
Agency: Spirit

Target groups

Ambitious and conservative people with humanistic values.


Many people think that Save the Children gives out sleeping bags and porridge. Whereas what they actually do is fight for the child’s right to be a child.


Establish the idea that “Save the Children” is a human rights organisation collecting money for it’s work.


In this way to see the violence from the perspective of the child, thus avoiding seeing the child himself. The viewer is a child again. The picture merges with the text which becomes both sender, promise and challenge to the viewer.


This brandbuilding campaign has been very successful. It has strongly helped the collecting campaigns. The client don’t want to reveal how much the results has imroved (kind of delicate in this kind of business) but they are more than happy.


Brand Strategy (together with Jan Ferlin), Creative Director, Copy/Scripts, Film Director and Music Production.


TV, radio and the daily newspapers.

The Classroom (2007)


The Eye (2005)


The Prison (2005)


The Tsunami (2005)


The Tank (2004)


The Fist (2004)

Rädda Barnen “Näven” (PDF)