From the heart of Sweden

You have to have guts if you want to be a farmer in the heart of Sweden. The summer is short (but beautiful) and the winters are long and cold. Still, milk is being produces and the farmers doing that owns Sweden’s third dairy – Milko

During my time as the Managing Director for the advertising agency United Power in Falun I was also the account manager and strategist for Milko. In order to ensure success in creation as well as in in execution we also engaged free-lancing Anna Romson as the Creative Director.

Together with Milko’s marketing manager¬†Kerstin Maripuu and her team at Milko we created a Brand Promise as well as a preferred target group defined och values and behaviour. The ambition was to create a Brand Position for Milko that was both relevant for the customers as well being a support for the sales force. Our work resulted in

  • Brand Platform
  • New design concept for all products
  • A new communication concept

The first of September 2009 the new Milko was launched. The base products as milk, “fil” and cream was in the stores. Bit by bit Milko has replaced their old design with this new one, inspired by the folklore tradition being so strong in this region of Sweden. As support we also had a TV Commorcial – ¬†a¬†roadmovie through the beautiful landscapes where the milk is coming from . Using the payoff “from the heart of Sweden”.

The film was produced and edited by Magnus Stenvinkel and shot by Jon Hertov. Since I just had my twin boys Anna Romson had to to take the major creative responsebility. The music was composed, recorded by me. Gustaf Melén and Leif Göras did the arrengement of the violins as well as playing them. Upon request we produced a longer film for the purpose of being uploaded on YouTube and build even bigger loyalty.

Many would say that it couldn’t look more Swedish than this. It ism probably true. And if that is the case, we succeeded.