Brand: Klädskolan (the Clothing School)
Year: 2000 -

Target groups

Women interested in dressmaking and with access to the Internet.


I took over the company when my mother emigrated to France. The idea occurred to me to place her unique and very successful distance learning courses in sewing and cutting on the Internet. Over a period of 40 years she has instructed over 500 000 pupils, so I thought the market should still be there. Because no educational publisher was interested I arranged the finance myself, which meant putting a business and project plan on the web to give the school a new graphic identity.


Transfer the distance learning courses to the Internet. New design program and a new working model putting the school’s courses onto the market.


A dressmaking school is not a design school. One learns how to use the tools for one’s own ideas. That is why I want the website to remain timeless with the aid of illustrations. The technique should be self-service. The introduction started with small ads.


My expectations have been surpassed and before the end of 2004 Klädskolan had become a profit making company.


This project has given me a deep insight into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and to run an advertising campaign with my own money.


Creative Director, Copy, and Art Director.


Internet and daily newspapers

Web site

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