Client: Caterpillar, Global
Year: 2006-2007


Going from very self governing business units to a Common Look and Feel this was big step for the Caterpillar organization. Being a company with over 80 000 employees, 120 000 employed in the dealer network and #68 on the Global Top 100 of world wide brands, this was a challenging but necessary step. It was also the result from a huge brand strategy work and the start of a successful internal branding community. Three different projects that I had the pleasure to participate in during my time as the sole representative for the Caterpillar Global Brand Management in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME).

I contributed as a Subject Matter Expert and in this global teamwork. I was also responsible for the roll-out and training of employees, dealers and advertising agencies in Europe, Africa and Middle East. I was the resident expert in EAME for the Global Advertising Framework, as well as the Advertising Coordinator and by that member of the Caterpillar Global Advertising Coordinator’s Board.

The adverts displayed here are not done by me. They are created by different agencies and dealers that I have trained. They are no creative masterpieces, but it shows how well it actually works to create a common look and feel with just using the carrot. And not the stick.


Caterpillar Corporate (PDF)
Caterpillar Dealer (PDF)