For some years ago, 1999 actually, I had the great pleasure to work with Peugeot for the Swedish market as well as developing TV commercial synopsis for the international launch of the 206 GTi. We (me and the Art Director Anders √Ėstblom) had loads of background material sent to us by “our man in Paris”, the co-ordinatior monsieur Christian Coquart. One morning Christian called us up.

- “Forget everything about the target groups and studies done. EURO RSCG in Madrid has signed John McEnroe for their 206 GTi TV commercial. Christian Peugeuot is crazy about tennis and love the idea but thinks the film script s**ks. Can you guys come up with anything?”

We did. It was not rocket sience but good enough to get Christian to laugh. We created an animatic on it, so it could travel through the corridors of EURO RSCG and PSA  without having me and Anders tap dancing through the script every time.

Well, travelled it did. And so did I. I left EURO RSCG a few months later.

Then in 2008, during my last weeks at Caterpillar in Geneva, a couple of guys named Davide and Antoine came up to me and asked if I really did the idea with John McEnroe. They were all worked up since they loved that commercial and seen this animatic on my former CV site. According to them it had been produced later on and shown on French TV. ¬†Couldn’t find it on ¬†youtube…but ¬†I found almost the same script for SEAT.

Funny how ideas travel. This one is rather nice but I still would argue if it is spot on for the target groups. The two young French guys at the Caterpillar office said it was. McEnroe is a legend.

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