I want a pair. I admit it directly. Marshall is rock’n roll. It was the stack behind Jimi Hendrix. Ritchie Blackmore and it still is behind Angus Young as well as Zakk Wylde and hundreds of guitar heroes. And Lemmy. Sure, there are many heavy-metal guitar amp brands today. Mesa, Orange, Randall. Engl etc. But Marshall is the original in most people’s eyes. The best position you can have.

Now Marshall has decided to let Swedish Zounds Industries to manufacture regular headphones under the name of “Major” and in-ears under the name of “minor”. Will it work? I am sure of it. Amazing that they haven’t thought of it before. But yes this i brand stretch in the right direction for all parties. The sales will definitely go to eleven, without hurting the Marshall brand. On the contrary, what took you so long,

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