Barry Altman is on about  to relaunch the Commodore brand on computer market. For the ones reading this and not being close to retirement, the Commodore 64 sold in over 17 million units between 1984-1993, which actually makes it the most popular computer ever.

Mr Altman is convinced that there is  a slot open for another computer brand in the world. Is it really? The huge success back in the days was probably due to aggressive pricing and the fact you could by it almost everywhere.

Today the scene is different The market has been divided in to value brands like Dell, mainstream brands like HP and premiums like the Sony Vaio. And of course the aspirational Apple. All of them available almost everywhere.

Will nostalgia be able to bring sales to the Commodore brand, or is it as doomed as an old rock band re-union? An interesting headline and then disappointment? Or will it actually work? And what position will the brand claim?

I think sometimes, you should just let sleeping dogs lie.

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