The Swedish trade union “Unionen” is driving a web campaign where you get to be member for free in three months. Nothing could more obvious show the alternative to a brand strategy – discount. Well a trade union is something else you might argue. There’s no need for a brand strategy for things like that…or?
A brand strategy includes the most valuable thing for any organization – may it be a corporation or a trade union. In a valid brand strategy you have defined the brand promise. The thing that you actually sell, the promise of something, the thing you get if you take away all the products and services. That is the brand promise. And if that is an interesting promise it will be worth a lot. If not – you might buy E Magazine this month instead of joining the union.
No doubt, the free-three-month campaign will drive traffic to Unionens web site. They will get members, just because it’s free for a few months. It’s a good way to try things out. But if the brand promise would have been obvious and relevant to them – this campaign would have been unnecessary.
And what does all those members who have paid full fee for 25 years get?

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