In the middle of daily business it is easy to believe that what I do for a living is of uttermost importance. And sure, brands is all about profitability and at the end of the day – job security. But then real life comes knocking. Big time. The earthquake on Haiti has put a whole city, if not a country, completely out of business. Hundreds of thousands might be killed in what already was one of the poorest nations in the world.

Yes brands are important. But when things like this happens. You get another perspective for a while. And just because of that I won’t write anything more about brands today. I think I’ll use my time between connecting flights to donate some of my money to the ones that really need it.

However, that last sentence reminds me to NOT donate any money to the Swedish Red Cross since they under a long time been having certain individuals wthin the management looting the Red Cross with the help of phony invoices. How these men can sleep at night is unclear to me but I am sorry to say that the damage to the brand is enormous.

It shows clearly that a brand is built upon trust. And what takes decades to build, can be teared down in a second.

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