The most traditional coffee brand in Sweden has launched a new line of dark roasted coffee. Obviously they cannot just be sitting on their butts as the Swedish coffee market turns continental with darker and more tasteful blends. In today’s Resume we could see the TV commercial for the launch:

Sure, the film is a great production and a bit funny. But who are supposed to like it? The ones that enjoys commercials like these are usually equipped with a liberal mindset and laughs at commercial. These are the ambitious ones and they drink dark roasted coffee. But they would never look at Gevalia. That brand is not on their radar. Gevalia’s position is no 1 among those who has a cup of coffee as a social thing – not for their own pleasure.

So what should Gevalia have done? Easy. Created a new brand. Then the ambitious and strivers of Sweden would have looked their way. As it is now, I fear that Gevalia’s regular customers are just confused.

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9 responses to “Gevalia needs another brand”

  1. Helene Kolseth says:

    Agree. The only place I drink Gevalia, is at work. Are we supposed to think of that man at the coffee machine from now? But, he didn’t look too sexy, more dangerous and I was wondering if he was going to put the lamb on the fire. Does the commercial means that roasted lamb goes with Gevalia?

  2. I agree.For an regular Gevalia drinker the film is just an confusion.Why not start an new brand instead with whole beans and new design and new market approach.

  3. Anthony says:

    One of the best ads I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  4. Nothing wrong with the ad itself. It’s the strategy that is all wrong. The target group for this brand is very..traditional…

  5. Sam says:

    Tja, Vart kan man fĂ„ tag i videon? finns inte pĂ„ youtube liksom, finns de nĂ„gon annan sida man kan se den pĂ„ eller Ă€r de din “privata” sĂ„ att sĂ€ga? :)
    Tacksam för svar!

    VÀnliga hÀlsningar Sam

  6. Sam says:

    Tja, vart kan man fĂ„ tag i videon? finns ju inte pĂ„ youtube liksom, Ă€r de din “privata” eller finns de nĂ„gon liknande sida man kan se den pĂ„? :)
    Tacksam för svar

    VÀnliga hÀlsningar Sam

  7. Martina says:

    I find this commercial to be among the most bizare I have seen, yet it is very entertaining! I too was quite surprised to see that Gevalia was the sender.

  8. Den finns pÄ resumés sajt.

  9. Well Martina, isn’t just that my point? The sender, a k a the brand, is probably in the wrong film. I mean, how bizarre would the average Gevalia buyer Gevalia to be? Would maybe that person feel uncomfortable with the commercial and by that also a bit uncomfortable with his/her favorite coffee?

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