The brand is a promise that creates expectations with the receivers. It is their associations and valuations of the corporation, its products, its services that all together shape the DNA, or image, or soul of the company.

To alter and to improve a DNA is far more complicated than starting from zero. Regardless of the actual situation, these are my five main brick stones in the brand building. (Of course, each of them consists of several working projects composed in accordance to the task’s character.)


First of all it is necessary to translate the business plan into the overall brand strategy. The high-level goals, put in the perspective of the market and the competition, will set out the general direction in which way the brand should take. Most probably also the brand’s present image in the (prospective) clients minds is to be established by research. This will map out what kind of brand portfolio strategy we are supposed to work with. Shall we be heading for a branded house or a house of brands?


Having the high-level road map drawn and today’s status at hand, it is time to determine where to put the resources and from that create a general action plan. Following, it is time to define all the rational and emotional aspects of the brand(s) and place them into the brand portfolio strategy. Finally we set our target here, i. e. certain amount of people should feel and think in a certain way, or the brand should have moved certain steps or in new direction on an image graph, et cetera.


At this phase we know what the meaning of the brand is supposed to be and how to act in general terms in order to deliver on its promises. Now, starts the transforming of strategic theories into concretized creation. It is time to take a close look on the trademark, determine colours and all other strategic standards that design the whole brand DNA identity – the personality of the brand in every touch point. At this stage and in the transition to the next step my role as Brand Supervisor has turned out to be useful in order to supporting other consultants and internal brand groups to make the objectives being set faster and more precisely.


The brand is defined and visualized. It is time to roll it out internally and externally. Great brands are built from the ground up, with the visible support from the executive floor. Having this stage well done, people don’t go to work any longer – they go to where they deliver a promise in everything they do. We make sure that in every touch point a consistent brand identity is being delivered to the world outside. From the way the phone is being answered, to the way the facilities look like and the feelings the advertising brings.


Did we reach our objectives? Are the brand known to the extent we wanted? Do the people we wanted to reach feel and think about the brand the way we wanted them to? How is the competition acting? Are there reasons to revise the brand strategy, the media output, the advertising messages? To put forward the goals? What can we learn for the future?