The Brand is the foundation, the secret and the opportunity. But also something vague and uncatchable. It is easy getting lost in the forest of beautiful seducing words and to fumble for an action plan obliging to nothing and to no one.

My several years experience of building brands has taught me to clean away the unnecessary sidetracks and detours. To that I am an engineer by education. As such I prefer precise definitions and figures to fluffy abstractions and progress promises up in the blue. I want solid ground under my feet.

My construction program with brand building bricks is deeply rooted in my motto ”Down to Earth”. And it is ultimately aiming at the client’s progress in sales. The road there goes via a strengthened brand, internal support, consistent conduct, and efficient communication. The latter may seem challenging enough. However, it appears a bit less difficult for someone who spent a number of years in the service of commercial advertising.

Please, feel welcome to my engaged and down to earth attention.

Marcus Hanser