For something like 2000 years
ago Jesus from Nazarath was born. According to the same legend,
captured in something called a Holy Book, it is also said that it
happened on the 25 December. Now…the calendars of that time
wasn’t razor sharp. Let’s say it happened on the shortest day of
the year. That was a lucky coincidence…or maybe not. To celebrate
the longest night of the year cannot been a thing invented by priests. It must
have been going on forever. To convert ordinary people to
Christianity that celebration had to be kept. Otherwise the masses
just wouldn’t enter the Holy Church. Just as moving the fiesta into
the Holy Materialism using poor old St Claus. In this
transformation Swedes plays a role. Long before Pere Noêl (Father
Christmas, Santa) entered Sweden together with Jesus, we had mean
little bastards called “tomtar” here in Sweden. If we didn’t leave
some food for them during the longest night of the year they caused

Santa Claus got named
“tomtefar” in Sweden, which means that he’s supposed to be father
of the mean little bastards we call “tomtar”. By that Santa got
painted red by graphic artists in Sweden. 1931 the Swedish designer
Haddon Sundblom painted Santa Claus for a advertising campaign for
Coca-Cola. It is said that this is the first time the western world
gets to see Santa. The ambition was to increase sales for the Holy
Water of our time. It sure did. Shortly after that the Coca-Cola
label turned red. The success was a fact.

Two thousands years from now

we might have another religion. Hopefully one. But if it’s gonna
work, history has teached us that it has to include Christmas.
Please keep in mind that Christmas in its past or present shape is
not planned. Christmas happens because we want it to. I wish you
all – friends, family, partners, clients, followers and Nerved
fans- a merry one. The next year will be exciting, that is the only
thing I can tell you for the moment. Many confidential things are
on the move. And hopefully more posts on this blog. Now enjoy these
last days of the western year in a proper way. In peace and with
love. See you next year.

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10 responses to “Christmas – the tradition that never dies”

  1. Andréa says:

    Merry Christmas Marcus, Anna, Hector and Simon!

  2. John C says:

    Great read, Marcus, and great to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well. Merry Christmas.

  3. John Rajala says:

    Gó Jul på er också!
    Det var ett tag sedan, ring när du är i Stokholm!


  4. Kottan says:

    Underbar betraktelse!!!:))
    Jag önskar dig o Anna o barnen en riktigt god jul!!
    Kramar till er alla!

  5. Håkan Gustavsson says:

    Merry Christmas Marcus!
    My best regards to Anna and the boys!

  6. Thanks! our love to your family. Hope all us well.

  7. Tack. De hälsar tbx. Kramar.

  8. Ok. Ska bli. God jul !!

  9. Good to see you’re alive out there in the corn fields. Thanks for your comment despite numerous typos and grammar errors. Take care and Merry Christmas.

  10. They send hugs right back Andrea. Merry Christmas to you as well.

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