When the executive board finally understands that the brand is not the logotype, nor the product, that the brand actually is a promise, the major work is still left to be done. In order to make the brand promise to the ultimate business and sales resource it has to bring something relevant to the persons you are trying to attract. Just “to brand it” is not enough. Still, that seem to be the the strategy that 3, one of the Swedish mobile phone networks, had in mind.

If you become their client, as a default, you get a song called “Three is a magic number” as connecting signal for those that call you up. Here’s a video catching the song:

Sweet, isn’t it? What’s in it for me? Nothing. Magic? Hardly…this is just a mobile phone. One og the most common things on earth. Three is just the name of the company…which I don’t care about…I just want to talk to the person I called. It is audio-trademarking. Nothing else. But it won’t make me change network…or even think about it.

Audiobranding has to bring me something, emotionally….and that emotion is supposed to bring me closer to the brand. Maybe without mentioning the word mark in it self. A brand in not a logotype, it is a gut feeling. Remember?

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