Don’t become a “mädchen für alles” – a maid for everyone. If you want a strong brand you need a brand strategy. And strategy is not even about priorities, it’s about sacrifices. Once you have defined they, the ones that will choose your brand, you must forget about the rest of the population. Not only in communication, the same goes for R&D, products and services. It is so tempting to get them all. But you will trip and fall.

If done right, it can be like the revolution of the iPhone. Apple know their target group, They treat them as fans. They didn’t care about making a “value” phone or participate in the megapixel war. They created a phone that was a tool for living, business, leisure and fun. One phone and one operative system. Just as their other products. They delivered on their brand promise to their target group and earned the global profit. At the same time Nokia is struggling with hundreds of models and at least four different operative systems that never will meet on the same platform.

Having that said I can’t help to wonder what will happen to Toyota? A car manufacturer that became the largest in the world because of the reliability of their cars. That was their brand promise and that outcompeted GM. But in order to  keep that brand promise you need to have resources enough to develop brakes that works for al those models. They didn’t succeed in that. Did they stretch themselves too thin in order to reach world domination? If that is the case, they won’t be the first to trip on that doorstep.

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