I come back to the fact that your brand is what they say it is while you own your trademark. And usually that trademark is a name of  a service, product, product family or a company. A successful brand bring a clear promise to a specific part of the population, also known as your target group. If you do this right, the promise that you bring is something that is relevant and attractive to that target group. It is easy to see that the most successful brands of the world has a strong (emotional) promise directed to a clearly defined target group.

Sounds real easy, doesn’t it?

And it is. As long as the target group doesn’t sound like “younger middle aged women living in urban areas”. You need to show more interest in your target group than gender and postal codes. Today there are many great methods to segment and define them by values and behavior. GlobalScan or WesternScan are the ones I prefer, but there are similar models, just as good.

The main thing is to get to the point where you can say: “Here she (or he) is! Our loyal customer. The one we sell our_______to!” Everyone in the organization need to know and feel who that person is. That will be your first step to getting that strong brand. The easiest way to do to this is to listen to the voice of your customer (VOC). But at the same time as you do that customer survey, find out something more about them and their lifestyle. For example; what other brands do they prefer?

Then, the next step will be for you to define what you actually deliver. What is your promise? That is, as you probably have guessed, another lesson.

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