“Bilar” is a Swedish candy….a bit like marshmallows turned in the shape of old cars. “Bilar” means cars. The candy is a classic in Sweden and still extremely popular. However it seems to me that you need to have Swedish DNA in order to appreciate them.

Anyway…”Bilar” has a very strong brand. The profit on every sold bag of them is something all candy manufacturers would love to enjoy. It really proves what I am usually saying – the brand value equals to the profit per sold item.

But it also shows that it is so much easier to strengthen a already strong brand than to launch a new one. Take this clip as an example. It shows the (so far only) Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang eating “Bilar” in space. It was broadcasted live in Sweden on TV4.

Besides excellent PR work, it shows how far you can take a brand. The sky is not the limit.

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One response to ““Bilar” a Swedish candy brand taken to space”

  1. Lol funny article, I love swedish candy candy! you can buy these space cars online :)

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