A short business trip to Strasbourg made me take a flight to Frankfurt. At the train station at the airport I got to see this campaign for a hotel booking portal called HRS. The size of these ads where impossible to miss, just at the photo on the ad as well.

This ad would have been impossible to even think of in Sweden. Obviously it wasn’t that hard in Germany. Now I won’t go into a debate of moral or obvious difference in culture. Nor will I go down the good or bad lane. Ad serves a purpose – to increase sales for the client company. In short and long term. The long term thinking usually ends up under the headline “brand”.¬†I can see how the agency and client came to this conclusion of the campaign.

1. Probably most users of the website are men.

2. Men are (still) most frequent on airports since they do (still) do most of the business travelling.

3. Most men like blond women with big knockers, fake or natural usually doesn’t matter.

- “So. Let’s make an ad with a lightly dressed women with big knockers telling that she is using our site”


Actually…taken moral aside – it makes all sense. But how will pictures like this affect the brand?

…well even though the model grabs my attention I can’t help thinking that the hotels on this site is of an certain character. Can you? It helps awareness…but how about knowledge and preferences? And likability? I can”t help thinking the hotels in this site is of an certain character. But that’s me…and my moral. Even though the model obviously grabs my attention.

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